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How to choose the right jewelry

Nine tips to choose a jewel suitable for every occasion and for all outfits ♦

If until now you have also thought that diamonds are the best friends of women, here are some good reasons to include pearls, all colored stones and especially jewelry in this magic circle. They give light to the face, complete the look and harmonize the figure. As long as you know how to choose them. So why not follow these 9 little tricks?

Thomas Sabo, indossato
Gioielli di Thomas Sabo

1 Necklace

There is no need to spend a fortune on getting dressed in fashion: just add a nice necklace, for example, a plastron of stones or chains to attract attention. But of course, sometimes it is not enough, or it does not suit the occasion. What to choose? First of all pay attention: the necklace must be the right size, in line with your build (we talked about it in this article). Secondly, a good idea may be to choose complementary colors: a green necklace on a red dress and vice versa, or white on black, orange and blue, yellow and purple. A beautiful silver necklace on a black dress for an evening can offer a better result than a small yellow gold necklace on the same dress. Provided you always choose a designer necklace, that is not trivial without being bizarre.

Dori Csengeri, collezione Celeste, indossato
Dori Csengeri, collezione Celeste, indossato

2 Necklace-earrings relation

If the necklace is impressive, showy, it is good to reduce the size of the earrings. For example, a pair of earrings with small diamonds, or normal gold hoop will be sufficient for any occasion. On the contrary, if you go out with large earrings, you have the risk of seem a Christmas trees. Two great jewels worn together make confusion: better to choose which jewel to focus the attention of the beholder. On the contrary, it is not even necessary to wear both necklace and earrings. Only one jewel is enough, but classy.

Les Blocs de Fantaisie, collana ispirata a Mondrian, indossata di Chow Tai Fook
Les Blocs de Fantaisie, collana ispirata a Mondrian, indossata di Chow Tai Fook

3 One ear? All right

A single earring alone is fashionable, as the unpaired earrings. If you choose this path, have the courage to wear the biggest and longest you have on your own. Even in this case it is better to avoid combining a large single earring to the necklace, unless it is very discreet: otherwise it would be too much. On the other hand, a bracelet can be used to balance the effect of the earring. If you choose the mono earring, however, pay attention to the weight: a large jewel may be unbearable after a couple of hours wearing it.

Diana Zhang, Un anno in Cina: Winter, indossato
Diana Zhang, Un anno in Cina: Winter, indossato

4 Wide bracelets, tight wrists

The bracelets: the trendiest ones are the cuffs, the high and wide slave bracelets. To be worn on the bare arms or cuffs of a shirt. They are, however, jewels that do not fit well to clothes with a lot of fabric, which can get caught or cover the jewel. Also, pay attention to the shape of your body: this type of jewelry stands out on the tight wrists, while those with arms and extremities a little ‘above the average could suffer a boomerang effect.

Bracciale della linea Milano con perle Akoya gialle indossato
Alessio Boschi, bracciale della linea Milano con perle Akoya gialle indossato

5 Earrings by day and evening

How to give shine to the face? With diamonds and crystals, it’s obvious. But not only: pearl earrings or mother-of-pearl elements create a beautiful light, and they adapt especially in the evening, with dark clothes. Especially for those with black or brown hair. But we must also coordinate the shape of the face with the earrings. Such as? We talked about it here. It is also important to choose the right type of earrings for every occasion. For ceremonies or for official events, it is better to opt for simple, sober jewelry. The classic gold hoop earring, not too big, or small earrings with diamonds or, if you do not own them, with zircons. Chandelier-like earrings, long or with colored stones, should be avoided for environments such as professional ones, unless creativity in clothing is allowed. This type of earrings, more striking, is indicated, however, for a party, a world occasion, an encounter with friends.

Annamaria Cammilli, collezione Rivage, indossato
Annamaria Cammilli, collezione Rivage, indossato

6 Choose the ring

Apart from the wedding ring, which can always be worn, on every occasion, the other jewels for the fingers must be chosen carefully. The large rings, colored with bright stones, are good for evening parties (not gala or dark dress), aperitifs, convivial moments. For a ceremony, however, it is better to opt for white or yellow gold with a single stone or anyway with small gems. We must not forget the proportion between the jewel and the shape of the hands: a large and colorful ring will attract attention. But this is not good if you have hands that are too big or have flaws not to be emphasized.

Stefan Hafner, anello Miriade
Stefan Hafner, anello Miriade

7 Attention to the neckline

The open neckline, shoulder to shoulder, requires a long necklace to balance the opening of the elongated neck. In short, a necklace is better that falls on the fabric and is clearly visible. In this case, be careful that the choice is right: if the dress has flowers or with a colorful pattern, for example, a necklace of only one color is better. As a necklace in only gold, brass or silver. If, on the other hand, the fabric is plain-colored, a necklace with colored stones or an elaborate metalwork stands out more. With the V-neck better to opt for a necklace that has the same size of the neckline.

Bijoux Guess, indossato. Collana con pendente
Bijoux Guess, indossato. Collana con pendente

8 Small and big

The proportions are important throughout, especially for your body. In general, the subtle and delicate jewels give off a small woman and shift the attention from the robust forms. Large jewels are more difficult to wear and require, however, that they are not too large compared to the height and size of the wearer. Obviously the jeweler who made the jewel (unless it is a bespoke jewel) can not know who will wear it in advance. It is up to those who choose it to identify the size appropriate to their body.

Collezione Essence, indossato
Pandora, collezione Essence

9 Multiply your fingers, ops, the ring

A spectacular ring attracts attention and creates light. The multiple rings, which occupy several fingers, or the elongated ring covering the entire finger or all the phalanx are fashionable. They are that give damage a touch of modernity, provided that the dress worn is in step with the times. Jewels of this type, very modern, are better suited to informal and simple dresses, in line with the minimal design of this type of jewelry. They are the most suitable for a young woman, who loves clothes with a well-defined style.

Anapsara, anello Libellula indossato
Anapsara, anello Libellula

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